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Lithium battery fires in the cabins of Commercial and General Aviation aircraft

Kent Faith - Wednesday, October 09, 2013

 SpectrumFX of Tulsa, Oklahoma has a new product designed specifically for the threat of Lithium battery fires in the cabin of commercial and corporate aircraft worldwide. Marketed as the LIFE Kit, SpectrumFX utilizes Class A, B and D fire extinguishing agent, Firebane®. This agent is the only aqueous based suppressant capable of extinguishing a reactive metal fire.

“This new innovation counters the threat of on-board cabin fires caused by lithium batteries and supplements current FAA protocol,” said Kent Faith, CEO of SpectrumFX. “Our biodegradable solution is environmentally safe and can eliminate the toughest reactive metal fires.”

With multiple applications in varied industries, SpectrumFX’s product works to reduce the risk of lithium battery fires without harm to the environment or to human life.

SpectrumFX has multiple developments planned for the next 5 years including aircraft cargo fire suppression and individually self-contained cargo containers that will offer fire detection and fire suppression.

SpectrumFX is the leader in “green” fire extinguishing technology and is working with both the FAA and ICAO agency guidelines as we address today’s complex fire safety challenges. To find out more, please visit www.spectrumfx.net.