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SpectrumFX: Putting Out Fires

Kent Faith - Monday, March 04, 2013

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One can find all manner of wonderful and amazing videos on the internet. From talking pets to daredevil maneuvers involving every vehicle known to man, there are truly unbelievable things to be seen all over the web. For instance, if you visit the website of a Tulsa-based company called SpectrumFX, you can see video of a mild-mannered looking fellow in a white coat in a lab setting cover his arm in a clear liquid, rub the liquid evenly over his skin and hold the blue flame of a blowtorch mere inches from his arm. Truly unbelievable stuff. And according to Kent Faith, 100 percent accurate.

Kent Faith with SpectrumFX“I’ve done the blowtorch demonstration you see on the video,” says Faith, founder and CEO of SpectrumFX. “People are amazed, but the fact is, we’ve got an absolutely unique, effective product.”

The product Faith refers to is Firebane, an incredibly efficient fire extinguishing agent and the primary reason that SpectrumFX exists. Faith, a 23-year veteran American Airlines pilot, was familiar with Firebane through his relationship with GSL, the company that owns the agent. It was Faith’s experience in the airline industry that led him to recognize Firebane as being uniquely suited for aircraft fires, particularly those fires involving lithium batteries.

“I’ve always been concerned about fire dangers in the cabin of an aircraft,” Faith explains. “These days there are so many passengers with lithium batteries on board to power their devices, like laptops and cell phones. There hasn’t been a good way to put out a lithium fire.”

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