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SpectrumFX technology key to Formula E racing

Kent Faith - Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The brand new sport that is Formula E would not able to exist if it was not for one small tiny detail: a fire extinguisher. Formula E cars contain lithium ion batteries, made by Williams Advanced Engineering; and Category D fire extinguishing agents are the only form of extinguisher that can put out a lithium ion fire.

The problem is, unfortunately, that these fire agents are harmful to humans, but SpectrumFX has now developed an extinguisher that can extinguish the fire safely, without causing any harm to a driver or a marshal.

“We had to replace the compressed gas elements Halon and its replacement FM200 and FE36 in the extinguisher for safer elements in order for the extinguisher to be used safely without causing any harm,” explains Kent Faith from SpectrumFX.

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