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The Growth of PEDs on Commercial Flights

Kent Faith - Monday, April 01, 2013

On a typical flight, a single aisle jet carrying 100 passengers could have over 500 lithium batteries.* That’s 500 chances per flight of a lithium battery fire–and that’s just on a 100 passenger flight. A standard two class lay-out Boeing 747 has 524 seats/passengers. Using the math that the RAS laid out that’s around 2500 personal electronic devices (PEDs) containing lithium batteries.

Personal electronic devices are growing in popularity by the day–for most adults their cell phones, laptops and other items are a part of their day to day life. And it’s not just for necessity that adults and children use PEDs–it’s not uncommon to find children and adults alike aboard planes with items like portable DVD players, handheld video games, and E-Readers. All these items use lithium batteries and have a risk of combustion.

With between 500 and 2500 lithium batteries aboard any given flight wouldn’t you feel more comfortable boarding a plane that had a proof-positive source of extinguishing potential fires?

*Royal Aeronautical Society. “Smoke, Fire and Fumes in Transportation Aircraft: Past History, Current Risk and Recommended Mitigations”. Second Edition 2013. aerosociety.com