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The Multiple Dangers of Halon

Kent Faith - Sunday, June 16, 2013

Using Halon extinguishing agents provides many risks to the people in the vicinity as well as the environment. Here is a list of some of the dangers:


Skin that comes in contact with the liquid of Halon that is sprayed from an extinguisher can caused chilled skin and frostbite.

**Skin & Eye Irritation**

Halon being a toxin it can cause damage to eyes and skin. Irritation can even occur without direct contact.


High concentrations of halon can create an oxygen-deficient environment. This can cause people to suffocate.

**Interruption of the Central Nervous System**

Large amounts of halon gas that are inhaled can interfere with the proper function of the central nervous system. This causes symptoms of dizziness, a tingling sensation in the extremities, and in some cases a victim with go unconscious.

**Flying Projectile**

A punctured or damaged extinguisher can present a danger because the release of pressure can turn the metal cylinder into a high-velocity missile.

**Cardiac Sensitization**

Halon can cause irregular heartbeats and an increased heart rate in response to adrenaline. In extreme cases, this can cause a heart attack.