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Using patented Firebane® technology, SpectrumFX provides fire suppression solutions for the most dangerous fires affecting industry today. Our LIFE Kit allows flight flight attendants to safely and effectively suppress reactive metal fires, such as those caused by lithium and magnesium components in consumer electronics and lithium batteries.


Fast suppression and cooling of litium battery fires

Faster Suppression and Cooling

Firebane® suppresses the hottest fires faster than traditional agents. It will extinguish a fully engulfed tire fire in less than four seconds. The agent will extinguish and cool a magnesium fire, which can burn at 5,600 degrees Fahrenheit, within seconds. Independent testing shows that the LIFE Kit extinguishes lithium fires faster than water.


Not-Toxic Agent


All of SpectrumFX’s fire suppression products are non-toxic to humans and the environment. The LIFE Kit® contains Firebane®, which has been EPA-qualified to replace Halon 1211 as a flooding and streaming agent. As part the EPA’s Significant New Alternative Policy, Firebane has been approved as a non-ozone depleting substitute that “offer[s] lower overall risks to human health and the environment.”

Rated D for Reactive Metal Fires

Rated Class D for Reactive Metal Fires

Our agent, Firebane, has been certified to UL Class D standards for reactive metal fires. It is the only aqueous-based agent that can extinguish and cool reactive metal fires such as magnesium, titanium, and lithium found in volatile consumer electronics and batteries. The LIFE Kit provides a practical and safe method of extinguishing in-air lithium battery fires.



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